Looking fo a great Christmas gift? How about the first album by flamenco guitar GENIUS Manuel Cerpa!!!! One of the best guitarists I have seen in my life, not even 20 years old. I think he will surpass the greatness of guitar god Paco de Lucia before he's 30.



Man shot by police at demonstration in Rotterdam.

Are we angry yet?

Dutch police are now shooting protesters at a demonstration in Rotterdam. Seems like the first death just happened as police drag a mans body behind their lines.

Are we angry yet?

@adam The TimPool is in Texas making podcasts in an RV with Micheal malice Joe Rogan and Alex Jones, whining about how they're going to be censored. Find the RV and go rant about podcasting 2.0 it'll be a huge boost for podcasting 2.0!

Also mention No Agenda cause @Johncdvorak will whine about that if you don't.

Is there a producer here who can provide me with a way to get the full Build Back Better song on my phone? I want to blast it on the radio as I cruise over the well maintained Autobahns of germanland

Thank you for your curry!

In Belgium, the chance to tell me to stay safe is taken at every possible location: look top left.

For anyone who didn't yet know... This is essentially the new swastika. Anywhere you see this, you frickin RUN!

God the Show Art is on FYRE this evening! Or morning.

Made a badge for anyone losing their jobs by October 27. I'll try to post the Gimp template as a reply.

Here's our mayor Sharon Dijksma. She started with the Union of High School students, then joined Dutch Labour Party, went to Bilderberg and ended up as mayor of Utrecht. She's now one of the few 'super mayors' who get to say if protests are allowed or not.

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Posting this so I can find it again later. Skip if you don't like chords.

Kijk '3 Acordes FLAMENCOS con 1 MISMO DIBUJO 😲' op YouTube

🚨 Buckle up, Buttercup 🚨

Project Veritas is going to start dropping vaccine bombshells tomorrow night. They're expecting an all-out attack across social media and complete banning from all platforms. They're requesting you sign up for email updates and subbing to their Telegram channel so they can distribute the videos by proxy.

This could be HUGE.

Amsterdam today. Media said 10.000 people.

There's no way this was 10.000.

Went to the meetup. Won the No Agenda Quiz.

Happy days!

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