Who cares about millionaires getting paid to play with a ball?

@dubh @blitzed why dismiss him because he's a ball player? I'm interested in seeing if they can force rich black men to take the white man's shots. I actually think the majority of athletes are faking they took the shots. This guy isn't taking that easy path, he's fighting, in public, with millions on the line. Good 4 him.

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@AlabamaHokie @blitzed

He should quit his fake job and be forced to pay attention to the world around him, the amount of money he has diminishes any sympathy I might have for him.

@dubh @blitzed Fake job? Athletes must always perform at highest levels or they get bounced fast. And, their job is performed completely in public. It's fucking hard. It's real.

I don't have sympathy 4 him, more like admiration because he's fighting back some. I'm interested if those with control can force a portion of the population that is very rich and black to shut the fuck up and do what they're told. That's a story to watch.

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