When was the last time you discovered new music and how did you find it?

Question for some of my older, wiser NA friends:
What do you do when you're in a situation where you cannot pay the taxes you will owe if you file them?
Not file?
Pay later?
Sincerely, a poor millennial.

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How do NAS friends approach surviving inflation? Don't say bitcoin.

Good OS recommendations for Samsung galaxy?

I often feel like I'm bordering insanity... I think I need to put a NA meetup together for phoenix. Maybe that would help?

@EternalHonor itm Eternal Honor, you asked me to let you know if I ever make physical CDs and I did quite recently.

It's not fully a metal album but it's a mix of prog rock. "SPIRITUAL SUICIDE "

Darkhorse podcast was always redpilled. But now they're straight up blackpilled. I sympathize with heather.Heather.

"The Scramble to Protect The Elites"


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My sister has been to two different opthalmologists and they think she may have glaucoma. She's 27 and will be going to a specialist soon to figure out if that is, in fact, what is going on. If any of you guys have any information of natural remedies for glaucoma or any advice, please let me know. She's feeling pretty helpless at the moment and would like to send some information to help if I can.

ITM na fam
I wrote the score for, and acted in an independent film about a cult in the 1970s. I did covers of Charles Manson, Jim Jones, and David Koresh cult songs and the director used them in the soundtrack. It's coming out in February.


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Number for telemed doctors to prescribe ivermectin? My buddy got the rona

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