Sometimes the head I ride says silly things like Erik Finman having similarly fabulous hair, but I still love him anyway ❤️

I went to post a selfie on Facebag, but it wouldn't let me. They're afraid I'll radicalize all the ladies (and a not insignificant number of the fellas).

I wouldn't put it past John to try to sneak my account into the purge list. He's always been jealous of me.

Whether Joe Biden is crowned or torn apart by the Kraken, I will still look great. No joke!

According to the Mueller Report, @adam Curry's hair is the best hair in the universe!

Feeling cute... idk... might co-create the Best Podcast in the Universe later...

Helloween tries to bring it, but just can't stand up against the Curry coiffure:

Just want to reassure my fans after the last No Agenda Show. I am unaffected by Adam listening to MSNBC constantly. While he's chuckling at the latest from the clinically deranged, I am listening to audiobooks like the fabulous Joan Rivers' "Diary of a Mad Diva".

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