an answer for everything... @AdamAtSea

... yet no answers at all.

@djsumdog @AdamAtSea

I have to admit their ability to rationalize their inconsistency is amazing. Takes my breath away.

@djsumdog @AdamAtSea

Where is the right advocacy for immigration control in the face of such an avoidable tragedy?

General common sense rule, if you're from a country where the majority does not believe in enlightenment values, only people with IQ of 130 and above should be able to immigrate.

and have geniuses who _don't_ believe in Enlightenment values come here??
@djsumdog @AdamAtSea

@Economic_Hitman @djsumdog @AdamAtSea

Trust me, violent criminality is not typical of the far right of the bell curve.

@Economic_Hitman @djsumdog @AdamAtSea

It was a good point.

Btw, in Saudi Arabia, with an average IQ of 85, above 130 is about 1.5 per thousand. In a country with 100 as average, above 130 is about 25 per thousand. For Ashkenazi jews, with an average IQ of 115, about one out of 6 will have an IQ of 130 and above.

The normal distribution is interesting.

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