So I have a bit of a crackpot theory about the earthquakes. The mountain range where the epicenter of the earthquakes is not far from the Nevada testing range for nukes.

Could we be checking one of our nukes underground to make sure they still work?

Probably just a coincidence, but someone with more knowledge of the area can support or debunk it.

@AdamAtSea We haven’t tested a nuke since 1992 under a self-imposed moratorium, so it’s possible. However, it would be easily detectable by other countries (not to mention any California/Nevada university seismology department.) Russia and China would make propaganda hay if we tried to test in secret, so I doubt we would do an unannounced shot.

Yeah but earthquakes don't just happen, someone is doing something right?

@blaha @Freakwater Of course earthquakes happen and it is in a mountain range, it is just a coincidence that made the crackpot gears turn.


How Do We Know the Nukes Still Work? []

"Today, the Stockpile Stewardship program operates on a three-pillared approach, combining theory, simulation, and experiment, and runs mainly out of those three labs as well as the Nevada National Security Site."

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