“Opera is made by rich people for rich people, theatre is made by poor people for rich people, movies are made by rich people for poor people and memes are made by poor people for poor people.”

I'll admit I haven't studied the lives of composers, BUT which one was rich when they wrote their first opera?

And who in the second violin section ever counted as rich?

@justjohn @AdamAtSea They are but tools, the real maker is paying the bills and ordering a composer to compose a new opera or a violinist to play it.

The composer signs his name to his work like an architect does to a building cornerstone or plaque but they do not own it. The violinist even less recognition.

Bach's Brandenburg Concertos come to mind, 6 instrumental works presented by Bach to Christian Ludwig, Margrave of Brandenburg-Schwedt in 1721. Named so b/c he paid Bach bills.

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