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CISO Position

Location: DC

Salary: $127,914 to $176,900 per year

This position is in the Information Resiliency Branch, Technology and Resiliency Division, FCC Information Technology, Office of the Managing Director, Federal Communications Commission located in Washington, DC.

This vacancy is opened to Federal Government Employees only.

@adam on the topic of mask shaming. I have already been yelled at while picking up a part for work at the hardware store. I picked up my part, walked around to see if there was anything else I needed and an employee asked "Is there anything I can help you find?" I replay with my standard "I'm just browsing at the moment" and he immediately lashed out "YOU SHOULD BE HOME!"

"YouTube will reduce the amount of content spreading conspiracy theories about links between technology and that it recommends to users, it has said, as four more attacks were recorded on phone masts within 24 hours."

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USA: California: Petaluma :

virus outbreak is serious as Leo is in N95 mask:

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Andrew Cuomo announced that China is facilitating the donation of 1,000 ventilators to the hard-hit state, with the shipment slated to arrive at John F. Kennedy International Airport later today.

China in recent weeks seems to be using the coronavirus pandemic to position itself as a global response leader while the perception has been that the U.S. finds itself trying to catch up to the virus outbreak domestically.

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4ish hours from now!

NA Covid-19 Worldwide meetup @6pm ET

Sat, April 4 at 6:00 pm – 11:30 pm EDT

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From June 2009: "Why Is Bill Gates Building So Many Doomsday Bunkers"

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Is This The Oldest Still-Working Geostationary Satellite?

The LES-5 spacecraft

Regular followers of space news will know that when satellites or space probes reach the end of their life, they either are de-orbited in a fiery re-entry, or they stay life…

Original tweet :

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