"Earlier in the pandemic, a friend reached out to hug me. I froze, unsure whether I wanted it. But by the time I had finished the thought, it was too late to do anything about it; I had been hugged."
-Buzzfeed reporter

@AbleKirby I believe you mean "ex-buzzfeed 'reporter'" because she certainly must have died from this horrific incident

"Is there a science behind the perfect hug? I asked Madelon Guinazzo, cofounder and director of certification at Cuddlist, an international cuddling service."

Never change BuzzFeed

@AbleKirby @lavish buzzfeed and vice are staffed by the exact same demo of drugged-up j school rejects 🙈

What It's Like To Do 5-MeO-DMT And Shoot A Rocket Launcher With A Cameroonian Warlord

When My Zumba Instructor Took Us Out To Dale's Drag Dune For Mimosas And Kale Chips

More Latinx Wxmxn Of Cxlxr Are Buying Meatless Chicken Tenders--And That's A Good Thing

@SirSpencer @AbleKirby @Laurien

Cocaine Drugpin Drag Queen Harem Cartel Running Rampant in Venezuela - And That's A Good Thing

Transgender Ukrainian Basketball Team Sells Meth to Raise Funds To Start Own League

Snow White Worshipping Cult Partners with Local Dog Shelter Commune Grocery Co-op

@lavish @SirSpencer @AbleKirby @Laurien Your news stories are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

@AbleKirby I saw two people shake hands today. It was beautiful to witness.

@AbleKirby engaging statements ..."it really sounds like that was a very traumatic experience for you"😂

@AbleKirby idk, sounds made up for sympathy points.

Imagine anyone wanting to hug a buzfeed reporter..... doesn't really pass the sniff test.

@AbleKirby Oh the humanity! Rape culture is real! Smash the patriarchy! End hug-rape now!

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