It didn't occur to me until now, but if anyone here needs, or knows of anyone who needs help getting started homeschooling, or just a little encouragement to keep going, I consult free of charge! I just want to help families get out of government school and help their children thrive in learning. Feel free to message me and we can work out the details of what you need most.

@AZRedBetty I have a few pregnant friends that are interested. Are you or do you have contacts familiar with doing this in Ontario?

@plazma I don't. So sorry. I will check with my BC friends though. I assume you mean Ontario Canada, not Ontario California.

I got red pilled on the topic by reading John Taylor Gatto (and by the mess that school is now with covid mismanagement). I'm in France and they just passed a law that make it a lot more difficult to homeschool than it used to be. My first child is too small to go to school now but I'm determined to homeschool him, no matter what the law is.

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