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This is the moment a counter-terror squad confronted UNARMED construction workers marching Melbourne's streets to protest the world's longest and harshest lockdown.

PLEASE BOOST for the world to see how far Australia has fallen.

From Malcolm Roberts FB:

"Notice the subtle smear in this article? The protestors are called the β€œanti-vax mob.”

Yet we’ve been advised of double-vaccinated people among the protestors."

If they wanted us all safe they could simply send us all a supply of ivermectin or HCQ ...

and we would put it in the medicine cabinet and move on with our lives ...

but they don't

it's not about the virus

it's not about your health

hidden enemy

57, 000 permits have been issued since the 20 of August by The Liberal Nationals NSW Government for people to travel to the regions to inspect real estate.😠

Kmart Australia is mandating covid jabs for all staff.

Add to the list.

Someone hadf had to do it, so it might as well be me

Tips on using Flowblade appreciated

So, if the military turns on its own people, is that an advertisement/ invitation for people to fight for their country when shit goes down up north?

@ned Australia is over.
Posted About 6 weeks ago, still relevant today, just swap Melbourne for Sydney.

When I see people commence an argument with "I have a medical degree...", I believe they have reached the pinnacle of their discipline. Their direction in life was determined more by status and the desire to win a point of view, then the dissemination of their insightful discovery.

Australia LOST THE PLOT 😳 They’ll Regret Turning Its Own People


Styxhexenhammer666 :

"Australians apparently are tired of playing the game of their lives being completely upended for a now-seasonal disease engineered by China specifically to destabilize the west and kill their time-bomb demographic elderly off without executions."

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