My phone signal has been rubbish today. Wondering if its related to Big-Tech-Media vs Gov stoush

I remember visiting a Simpsons shop in Ballarat, when the Simpsons first appeared on Australian TV.

This is a brilliant slam on MSM by Trump's lawyer after the acquittal of Trump in the 2nd failed impeachment nonsense . Watch this pure gem

Haven't seen this yet, but should be interesting:

Can't Get You Out of My Head
by Adam Curtis

Part 1: Bloodshed on Wolf Mountain

The documentary maker Adam Curtis provides a pretty alarming history of social media and its future.

Would it be fair to say alot of people "Transitioned" to social media around 2010 or earlier. In other words, became a dominate cultural phenomena..

A while back I had a guy introduce himself...
He told me his name, followed by "I have over 1000 followers on facebook, you should look me up".

Hey Gates, Zucks, Central-Banks, Clintons, Bidens, Macrons, Merkels! Here's a message from WTP : "Please let us in peace! We don't want to be rules or saved by you! Our freedom and safety never came from you and will never do! We've been already born free! Please put your machines, your data, your media, your vaccines in your own ass and go away and never come back again!" That's the only way we want to be saved!

Has any Aussies out there paid much attention to MP Craig Kelly? Apparently he got "dressed down" by ScoMo for consp' theories. Love to know what that means...

The music video for
Information Society - Peace & Love, Inc.
was "cancelled" by MTV.

When music videos from decades ago are more relevant today...

Information Society - Peace & Love, Inc.



Protect the local sewer system, Keep your turds at home.πŸ˜€

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