@DisaffectedHuman @8bit @adam @Johncdvorak I thought it was a good tease. Adam could be the go-to "fill the guest spot at short notice" talent for this show just like he is for Rogan. It definitely wasn't what I was expecting but it was engaging and left me wanting more. The boys got range. Pity there was no callers at the end of the show with the opening line of "In the morning" or "ITM".

@adam @Roofus @DisaffectedHuman @8bit @Johncdvorak I skipped over Ozzy’s wife. Megan is smarter than I expected, which is a huge relief. I bet she tries harder with her hair after this. 😁

@8bit @adam @Johncdvorak Ummm... Did I just witness a new podcast in the making? Or did @Johncdvorak just get replaced? That was very good! 😂

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