This is the first randomized trial to investigate the impact of a ketogenic diet in patients with uniform diagnoses of AD.High rates of retention, adherence, and safety appear to be achievable in applying a 12-week modified ketogenic diet to AD patients.Compared with a usual diet supplemented with low-fat healthy-eating guidelines, patients on the ketogenic diet improved in daily function and quality of life,two factors of great importance to people living with dementia.

So last year, my mom (75 yo) caught sars-cov2, was a little sick, lost sense of taste and smell for 6 weeks. My dad never got sick (79 yo). Then this year my dad got both Moderna shots, no reaction, no side effects, didn't even phase him. Both are not the best in health. I find that pretty interesting.

@8bit I did. I even got to go into the studio at the Hancock Building and sit in for Bruce Wolfe for one newsbreak. I even did a whole episode of my podcast about the great Johnny B!

Hey @darrenoneill did you ever listen to Brandmeier morning show on the loop back in the day? He started a podcast last year and it's pretty good.

"The Pharmacist Who Gave Up Drugs, and Fixed Blood Glucose Instead!"


[I know the live show is on, but I just FINALLY finished this one.]

Here's the latest from the ANA Studios. On this day of love, we are so happy to bring you a love letter to podcasting. . .and to the Best Podcast in the Universe!

Love y'all. Mean it! TYFYC! xoxo

cc: @adam @Johncdvorak

Additional links for the other platforms to follow - they always take a bit longer to process. . .

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