Iman of Peace :

"That’s my kinda Muslim!

Kitchen porter Mohammed risked his life to bring down the London Bridge attacker during his lunch break and returned to wash dishes at the restaurant nearby not telling anyone."

Oh Man @adam and @Johncdvorak , it is the greatest time for The Show, holy crap...
betcha he has some seriously German Roots... @CSB

The retweet is from a Basketball reporter, not a political reporter.

"Oh man. Anti-Kavanaugh protesters are shouting "I believe Dr. Ford! I believe Anita Hill!" right in the faces of Federalist Society members as they're stuck waiting in line for their gala to start. For who knows how long."

Right on cue with today's broadcast: Animated No Agenda (Throwback) - R-E-S-P-I-C-T

Congrats to @adam and Dvorak for revealing who is anonymous, I didn’t expect they’d pick such overt artwork

@Johncdvorak on Twatter :

"IN SF we could have had a veterans memorial, Pic of Lincoln or Washington, giant gay flag, giant American flag. A pic of the dead mayors. A tribute to the city itself.

Instead we get a giant Greta head. In gods name why???"

"Speaking of the report of the firing of the person who leaked the ABC video alleging coverup of Epstein story... Whatever happened to the person who leaked the Access Hollywood audio of Billy Bush and President Trump?"

my new :

“the podcasting interview that’s still everlasting to-do”

[ more at ; ideated by @wearenotcattle / @Wearenotcattle , inspired by ‪Joe Rogan ‬refusing to interview @adam ; tags: ]


Candace Owens :

"If 75% of illegal immigrant or trans children couldn’t read, liberals would scream injustice.

But bc it’s 75% of black kids in Cali that cannot pass a literacy exam, there is no outrage.

Burgess Owens & I discuss the Left’s despicable aim for black America, this Sunday!"

John C. Dvorak is tweet biltzing No Agenda Memes

🎶🎶 "33, Thats the Magic Number" 🎶🎶

Gab retweeted No Agenda Quotes :

"I would love nothing more than for Twitter to cut him off, shut him down, because that would be the end of Twitter. And wherever Trump decides to go next, everyone will join. And I suggest Gab." — @adamcurry 1178

Art give away details / new art for sale coming soon. Lots of halloween arts en route!

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