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>Leftist killed by the very diversity he voted for.

>Leftist father can’t even bring himself to mourn for the death of his own son without advocating for the people that murdered him.

Reminder: Leftism is a mental illness.
Don’t let these degenerates pressure you into doxxing yourself.

Protect your identity, protect your family, protect your livelihood.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in Gitmo Nation.

It's time for the Rock 'N' Roll Pre-Show. Tune in now and rock out!

what's the hardest part about learning elixir

telling your parents you're gay

Whay the impeachment hearings sound so familiar: Animated No Agenda - NoodleBoy Explainer - YouTube

@kick I feel like someone is trolling - - [27/Nov/2019:19:18:02 -0800] "GET /emoji/custom/gummies/agummyhydraulicpress.png HTTP/2.0" 304 0 "" "NCSA_Mosaic/2.0 (Windows 3.1)"

Twitter "missed" that deceased people are deceased and not active users, backs off inactive account deletion.

I wonder how the planning meeting for this went. Let's delete inactive accounts. Why would an account be inactive? Because they don't want to use it anymore. Any other reasons? Nope. Ship it!
sorry if I think federated blocks aren't literally killing minorities

Trail Life USA, the Christian counterpart to Boy Scouts USA, was formed after the Scouts began allowing girls, homosexuals, and those who identify as transgender to be Scout leaders.

Mark Hancock, who heads Trail Life USA, says his organization continues to grow, adding more than 8,000 members in the last few months as parents and children discover the character, leadership, and the opportunities the faith-based group has to offer.

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