last few days at my wage slave job before i transition into trying to do graphic design and art things full time.. i have become ASCENDED CLERK owen cyclops

I used to have this naive belief that technology would keep getting better, not only in terms of its features, but in terms of quality, reliability and trustworthiness. I thought these were obvious goals for any maker of technology to have, but as it turns out, business doesn't work like that.

I'm now in the bizarre position of being a technology person who hates to use technology because it never works properly. It's a source of stress in my life.

@Atavator @EisAugen

I hate to even say this because it sounds so trite these days, but you should be able to just see people as individuals in your daily interactions, and if you can't then there's something wrong with you.

No, that doesn't negate group behaviors. No, we don't have to pretend not to notice or act upon these things. Of course our decisions should be informed by what we have observed among particular groups.

But there's a lot of variance within any group and you should keep an open mind until someone gives you a reason not to. Usually if someone fits a negative stereotype, they betray themselves within just a few interactions anyway, so it's not like this is a lot of extra work.

Honestly, I think the weird shit-lib behavior is just suppressed racism. And I don't mean that in a DemsRRealRacists way. I mean, they're trying so hard to suppress obvious group differences that they short circuit due to the cognitive dissonance.

Democracy works when the values distance between people is short, otherwise it's just a war of numerical advantage for control and dissemination of the dominant value system.

In other words, democracy necessitates homogeneity.

@moonman smart man! That ability alone is worth setting up a mail server!

@moonman now, go find Japanese wife and Report back on your findings.

@moonman if you control the mail server, you should consider aliases to hand out. It may help with the phishing.

Bernie still hasn't fired him. Captain Gulag is still working for him.

Every Republican would have fired any staffer who said something 1/10th as far right as Captain Gulag said.

Two Bernie staffers caught on tape calling to gulag half the country, and the media just ignores it.

Kinda impressive.

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