@ChristiJunior Back in that time period fat Americans killing the planet was still a leftist trope before morbidly obese screeching lesbians shut it down.

PodcastIndex.org’s goal is a next-generation, open directory of all podcasts out there, open to any app or technology l.curry.com/fjf

Joe Rogan gets the big big bucks because the ratio of content to ads is 99:1

Meanwhile these geek culture podcasts that are really videos are closer to 50:50
Read a propaganda article the other day about a "former Trump voter" disgusted with the "no more bullshit" signs.

"My grandma would've put a bar of Dial in your mouth for talking like that!" she insisted.

No mention of the FUCK THE POLICE signs, which granny would have evidently approved.
@Jdogg247 Yeah well put it away. This is a family instance.
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