It appears gab isn’t fully integrated. I’m curious if all the old profiles were migrated...

It propagated! Search sucks, but this appears to have forced the profile to show.

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@51rH0n3y84d93r I honestly can't tell if Gab's implementation is horribly bad or if it's just banned by most instances out there. BTW, seeing as I'm new in the fediverse, any recommendation for a decent instance that doesn't ban or block everything in it's sight?

@Alyx obviously I’d recommend either noagendasocial (you may want to check or I don’t know what gab blocks, but all three are basically blocked by the same people.

@51rH0n3y84d93r Added No Agenda Show to my podcast app. Will give it a try. If I'm in the mood later, I'll look at and see if it works better overall.

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