Any dudes named Ben in the group? I want to put an electronic box in the attic (think router, but it's a network TV tuner box).

What can I do to prevent moisture damage?

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@51rH0n3y84d93r why would dude name ben how to do this ? do they mount electrics boxes in attics?

@yukiame the attic is simply a use case. Do dudes named Ben not deal with electronics in high humidity environments?

@yukiame Oh, I apologize, I didn't know that all electronics were indoors, protected from the elements. TYFYC.

@51rH0n3y84d93r Hmm. Assuming humidity between 10 and 90% is okay, usually you just throw in a bag of desiccant into the box you want to protect. If the tuner isn't very hot in use - just throw it and the desiccant into a large plastic bag or a box. If it's hot in use - it might be OK by itself. Either way, look at it after a month to see if you are getting corrosion, mold or other bad sign.

@mhjohnson Thanks, Mark. That's exactly the insight I was looking for!

@51rH0n3y84d93r The humidity shouldn't be an issue, the heat in the summer time might be.

@AdamAtSea I don't know why the heat aspect didn't occur to me. I'll need a sensor to see if I can get a feel for how hot it gets and possibly install an attic fan.

@51rH0n3y84d93r @AdamAtSea I live in Denver so cold in the attic can be an issue as well. The bag or box I suggested will help moderate both heat and cold. Insulation does too. A indoor/outdoor thermometer can be used to monitor your attic temperature.

@chris I was thinking more along the lines of jiggling the handle. Think that would work?

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