The National Guard Bureau is doing a great job hiding the real commander.

So is the US Secret Service.

The National Guard is being deployed under Title 32 of the US Code.

There's no doubt that's what Congress wanted so that the troops would not be federalized.

They forgot one little detail.

Under Title 32, the troops in DC are under the direct command of the DC National Guard.

The DC National Guard is unique in the US.

It answers only to...the president.


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The Tech Guy is live and on-the-air right now at and coast-to-coast on the Premiere radio network.

talk to your family about #Bitcoin economics/politics at your own risk.
nobody wants to fucking talk to me anymore.

This is a picture of God's LOVE. This lady prayed for President Trump while he was giving a speech. He held her hand!!

You can tell how old a protocol XMPP is because of all the damn ports it needs.

One can never be too careful when holding a virtual inauguration.. 👌

Thank You PillowMan!

Mike Lindell Just exposed why we are going to need 30K National Guard in DC and Stryker Teams all over the United States.

Also, this is why the "Snap Impeachment" was a MUST by congress.

A long lens just leaked part of a report being used by POTUS to keep working on the Election Issues and to stay the Oval Office.

Working on a custom jingle mix for a donation. JCD may not be a fan.

(reupload without metronome sound)

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