This was an TC interview from 2017. What is with this guys neck? Proof that aliens exist?

Piece of shit article in a piece of shit publication. Why do I care about what Fauci will do?

In the business articles like this are known generically as "Blow Jobs."

@kekservative @noyoushutthefuckupdad

No to GMO, yes to mRNA.

It can't get anymore hypocritical or ironic.

I got my start in sportswriting when I made up a completely fake troll post about the 2013 nhl lockout negotiations for fun and then it turned out to be true 4 minutes later and my shit got picked up by tsn. I had Bob MacKenzie in my dms asking who my source was

@ChristiJunior @succucirno When I opposed government censorship of porn AT THIS TIME AND BY THIS REGIME because the tools used to suppress porn would include a HATE FILTER just like every kid safe filter does now all the big time Gabbers who hadn't unfollowed or blocked me did so. Torba said it, that settles it.
I can't wait to get to explain to a security clearance investigator that I follow upskirt bot but not butthole bot
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