hackernewsers really hate it when you bring up apple's thousand dollar monitor stand
Reminder not to use plain img tags on your website. If there's a landscape photo and I rotate my phone, the image will fill the screen.

If you use a "smart" image viewer, rotating my phone will create a two inch wide column with enormous margins and a postage stamp sized image in the middle.

Just what I want.
They’ll even hate you when you’re an activist on their side doing everything they want.

If you’re White, they’ll always resent you - no matter what.

It's time for the Rock 'N' Roll Pre-Show With DarrenO! Today is Jim Morrison's birthday so that's where we will start this one up. Where we'll end, nobody knows!

Tune in &andturn it up loud. Your neighbors probably don't enjoy sleeping late anyway!


@augustus @orekix I mean people still hate gypsies after 5 centuries for some reason
This is one of the reasons we can't trust cloud based shit that doesn't need to be cloud based shit

So basically your lights stops working because Best Buy doesn't want to maintain the system anymore

It's time for the Rock 'N' Roll Pre-Show of the Best Podcast In The Universe!

Turn it up to 11, annoy your neighbors and rock out!


This is a transcript of what Pervy Joe said, for those who had a hard time understanding what he said, like I did:

"I got hairy legs that turn blonde in the sun. The kids used to come up and reach in the pool & rub my leg down so it was straight & watch the hair come back up again. So I learned about roaches...”

“I love kids jumping on my lap."

The unpaid teenager who runs Guy Fieri’s Twitter account deserves an award

anyone who calls the fediverse mastodon is wrong
mastodon is only a part of fedi
we all know the correct term to use is gnusocial extended universe

@PeteyMiami why don't they take the disguise off i wanna see what he looks like

Reminder: the “climate crisis” was never about finding cleaner energy; it was always about transferring power to people who did not and could not earn it.
Transgender adults being allowed to have children all but guarantees those kids will suffer all sorts of psychological, emotional, and often sexual abuse.

Good luck kid, you never stood a chance.
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