I'm going to let you in on a little secret: every monday at 8pm CST, give yourself a little present. Watch the SPC Streamcast. This week I will be on there! Isn't that something.

Taking @adam 's advice and making sure I get some fresh air while I recover from my undiagnosed covid symptoms. No drill tip for me. The loss of taste is absolutely real. That's how I know what it is but thank God for No Agenda. Who knows what kind of anxiety I'd be compounding this illness with if it weren't for Adam and @Johncdvorak. A million Thanks to them and our NA Family!

@thomasfuchs reminds me of the kid who saw a floppy and thought someone had 3D printed "a save icon."

Babylonbee Bee has way better headlines than CNN but they are both saying the same thing. At least The Bee is honest about it all just being theater.

Have no fear, Thursday is here!

The BDPITU is on deck.

Until then, we'll be warming up the stream with some good tunes and a whole lot of fun.

Turn it up to 11!


Someone's trying to break into my mail server by using email addresses that I used with sites that got hacked and passwords stolen.

But I use aliases for every site I set up for so I know who got hacked :-)
I have more respect for Bigfoot hunters than I do for Qanon researchers.

There is a slight chance that Bigfoot exists.
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