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Always be Corvette

I want to tie speakers to my car and drive around the neighbourhood with @Johncdvorak’s voice yelling:

“Stay indoors slaves
Do not go outside
Listen to your government slaves
We’re all going to die !!!”

It would be so satisfying

Let There Be Rock!

The No Agenda Rock 'N' Roll Pre-Show is on the bitstreams.

Tune in.

Turn it up.

Happy Birthday, @Johncdvorak !!

Stuck at home with the children??

Make the No Agenda Show part of your stay at home family home schooling regimen.


Full-List of bots:

sonic the hedgehog spoilers 

> over 50 different parts of government bid against themselves
> blame the market
I work with a cuckservative who still insists that Coronavirus is no worse than the regular flu and believes Qanon will reveal himself and fix the US any day now.

He's wrong, but at least unlike shitlibs who are also wrong, I can disagree with him without him screeching that I need to suffer and die. So I still talk to him.

Coronavirus job losses could total 47 million, unemployment rate of 32%, Fed says

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