Fascinating to see how different hospitals in Italy are from those here in the States. Definitely no fuckery afoot here...

Sorry, Cuomo - we don’t have much to give you even if you won this lawsuit. Have some clamshells.

@adam @MoeFactz. Just got done listening to BIE BAE. Here is some more T.I. content. Skip to about the 6 minute mark. Also I have officially proclaimed myself the leader of The Notorious B.I.E.


“I haven’t seen a hooker in a year” JCD 2020!

Just wanted to share this banger with covid cohorts. Stay black! Resist we much!


Day 8 of quarantine:

I think I'm starting to lose my grip on reality

I look at the news in the cafe at work immediately got back to my cube and stitch this together. You can’t make this shit up. Lol

@33Savage your last meetup report from CT cracked me up lol 😂
That one was too far for me. New England Meetup for May is live and accepting rsvp’s FYI 👍🏼

“Knowing he was born from Diana via some character that you mentioned earlier, he may know because he’s not a lizard!” — @Johncdvorak 1207

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