@harrisonn so I’ve made it here if you are still kicking around. I’m out front. Black man with a super man shirt on. If not don’t worry about it. I’m on CPT lol.

@33Savage I'm at California dreaming currently. I think others are going to proof bar at 7. Not sure if I'll make it

Any NA producers in Charleston SC early for the meet up tomorrow and want to grab a bite to to eat within the next 3 hours? Hit me up!

“Remember it’s D.H Unplugged, not HD Unplugged” 😂😂😂

So we are just believing a Mossad agent was convicted of sex trafficking with no pictures from inside the courtroom or of her supposed arrest? We’re just gonna go ahead and believe this? At least we had some pictures with Jeff. This bitch. We got nothing and we are just eating it up.

What a joke.

Nicki Minaj called Joy Reid a “lying, homophobic coon”


AOC is one of those girls that's pretty hot until she speaks

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